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About CMSHelpLive
CMSHelpLive's History

CMSHelpLive, a California based start-up, was founded in 2010 by frustrated American entrepreneurs who could not get Content Management System (CMS) support for their technology needs, from those who claimed to be the support experts. After much frustration, they decided to spawn WordPressHelplive and JoomlaHelpLive. Both sites were designed to provide On-Demand CMS Support services. In late 2010, both sites were consolidated; thus CMSHelpLive was born. Soon CMSHelpLive generated enough interest among those who were looking for express web support service without compromising quality. In coming months CMSHelpLive team grew and worked on projects ranging from simple Content Management System portals to large enterprise portals.

CMSHelpLive's Brands and Networking Portals