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About CMSHelpLive

CMSHelpLive's History

CMSHelpLive, a California based start-up, was founded in 2010 by frustrated entrepreneurs who could not get Content Management System (CMS) support for their technology needs, from those who claimed to be the support experts. After much frustration, they decided to spawn WordPressHelplive and JoomlaHelpLive. Both sites were designed to provide On-Demand CMS Support services. In late 2010, both sites were consolidated; thus, CMSHelpLive was born. Soon CMSHelpLive generated enough interest among those looking for express web support service without compromising quality. In the coming months, the CMSHelpLive team grew and worked on projects ranging from simple Content Management System portals to large enterprise portals.

In 2012, CMSHelpLive started operating from its first office at 242 Hawthorne Avenue, Palo Alto, California. The company operates through in-house employees; no part of the work is contracted to third-party providers. 70% of the company’s client base is in the United States, followed by 10% in Canada and the remaining in UK, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia. 

CMSHelpLive's Brands and Networking Portals


What CMSHelpLive Do

CMSHelpLive's two (2) divisions: JoomlaHelpLive and WordPressHelpLive strive to help our valuable clients solve their web issues and realize positive outcomes. On a whole, we integrate these two divisions throughout CMSHelpLive as one stop service, realizing economies of scale and providing clients with the fastest turnaround time possible.

JoomlaHelpLive Division provides on-demand Joomla Support services including but not limited to Joomla Help, Joomla Support, Joomla Template Modification, Joomla Upgrade, Joomla Error Fix, Joomla Design and Joomla Development. Further, JoomlaHelpLive team is backed up by top notch Joomla Expert, Joomla Developer, and Joomla Consultants, who currently serves trusted advisors to many of the world's leading companies. Our Joomla Experts delivers measurable results that directly tie to positive outcomes of Client's organizations. 

WordPressHelpLive Division provides on-demand WordPress Support services including but not limited to WordPress Help, WordPress Support, WordPress Template Modification, WordPress Upgrade, WordPress Error Fix, WordPress Design and WordPress Development. Like JoomlaHelpLive Division, WordPress HelpLive team is backed up by top notch WordPress Expert, WordPress Developer, and WordPress Consultants. 

In addition to supporting WordPress and Joomla, we now support Shopify, Magento and Drupal platforms.

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