Best 5 WordPress Event Calendar Plugins

Best 5 WordPress Event Calendar Plugins

WordPress event calendar plugins are essential tools for website owners looking to organize and display events efficiently. These plugins can range from simple solutions for basic event listing to more advanced systems that include features like booking, ticketing, and advanced scheduling. Whether you run a small community site or a large business, these plugins can help you to manage your events in a streamlined and effective manner. 


The Five Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugins are – 

  1. EventPrime
  2. The Events Calendar 
  3. WP Event Manager 
  4. Timely All-in-One Events Calendar 
  5. My Calendar 


  1. EventPrime

EventPrime is a modern and easy-to-use WordPress events calendar plugin which enables you to set up and manage events directly from your WordPress dashboard. The plugin supports various event types, including single and multi-day events, and offers extensive customization options. 




What Can Free Versions Do? 

EventPrime’s free version offers various features that make it best choice for event management. You can create and manage events, configure bookings, and even handle multi-day and recurring events. The plugin provides different views like calendar and day views, and integrates with payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe for event bookings. 


Why Upgrade? 

Upgrading to EventPrime’s premium version unlocks additional functionalities such as advanced booking management, custom user checkout fields, and support for virtual and online events. Also it includes premium extensions having features like live seating arrangements, event sponsors, and advanced ticketing options that enhances the overall capability and flexibility for managing large-scale events. 


  1. The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is WordPress plugin designed to help you create and manage an events calendar with ease. Its user-friendly interface and features make it an good choice for anyone looking to add professional event management capabilities to their website. This plugin is well-suited for small businesses, venues, non-profits, and more, providing a reliable and scalable solution for event scheduling. 



What Can Free Versions Do? 

The free version of The Events Calendar offers range of features that make it a good tool for event management right out of the box. You can quickly create events, save venues and organizers, and utilize a range of views including month, list, and day views. The plugin supports google maps integration, event search, and comes with various widgets such as upcoming events and a mini calendar. It is also fully responsive and ensures that your event calendar looks great on all devices. 


Why Upgrade? 

Upgrading to The Events Calendar Pro provides additional features that are essential for more extensive event management needs. These features include recurring events, ticket sales, and more comprehensive views like photo view and map view. Additional premium add-ons offer functionality for user-submitted events, automatic imports, and virtual events, making it a complete solution for managing diverse and complex event requirements. 


  1. WP Event Manager


WP Event Manager is a lightweight, scalable WordPress plugin designed for efficient event management. It offers a straightforward, user-friendly interface that allows you to set up and manage both live and virtual events seamlessly. This plugin is ideal for users who need a fast, intuitive way to organize events without the burden of a complicated setup. 



What Can Free Versions Do? 

The free version of WP Event Manager is feature-rich and fully functional for basic event management needs. It supports adding, organizing, and displaying events directly from the WordPress dashboard. The plugin enables you to assign locations to events, create custom event fields, and offers live previews of each event. Events can be displayed using shortcodes in various formats, and it includes AJAX-powered search and filtering options for a smooth user experience. 


Why Upgrade? 

Upgrading to WP Event Manager’s premium add-ons can greatly enhance your event management capabilities. Premium features include the ability to sell tickets via integration with WooCommerce, recurring events, Google Maps integration, and advanced registration forms. These add-ons also offer improved email notification systems and additional search and filtering capabilities, providing a more robust solution for managing complex and larger-scale events. 


  1. Timely All-in-One Events Calendar


Timely All-in-One Events Calendar is a comprehensive and visually appealing WordPress plugin that provides advanced calendar functionalities. It is designed to accommodate different event creators around the globe, including freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, and large organizations requiring sophisticated event management tools. This plugin combines modern design with powerful features to offer an outstanding user experience. 



What Can Free Versions Do? 

The free version of Timely All-in-One Events Calendar offers a robust set of features that make it a compelling choice for basic to intermediate event management needs. Users can create single, multiple-day, or all-day events, including virtual and hybrid types. The plugin supports recurring events, event duplication, and provides various calendar views such as month, agenda, and week. It also includes RSVP capabilities and social sharing buttons, enhancing interaction and attendance at events. 


Why Upgrade? 

Upgrading to Timely’s paid plans gives access to more demanding event management scenarios. Premium features include additional calendar views, more import options, enhanced social media integration, and the ability to set up an integrated event submission form. Paid plans also allow for greater customization of the calendar’s appearance and functionality, enabling a more personalized and professional setup. 


  1. My Calendar

My Calendar is a highly customizable WordPress event management plugin that supports a wide range of functionalities for both individual and professional use. It’s designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring that all users, including those using assistive technologies, have equal access to manage and experience events. 




What Can Free Versions Do? 

The free version of My Calendar provides robust capabilities for creating and displaying events. It offers multiple views such as calendar grid, list, and mini-calendar that can be used as widgets or via shortcodes. Users can categorize events, manage locations, and configure extensive recurring event options. The plugin also allows for rich permissions handling, which is great for sites with multiple users needing different access levels. 


Why Upgrade? 

Upgrading to My Calendar Pro adds several significant features that enhance the event management process. These include support for user-submitted events, integration between posting and event creation, and advanced event search capabilities. Additionally, the Pro version supports importing events from external sources like .ics or .csv files, and offers a responsive mode for better mobile compatibility. These features make it easier to manage complex event schedules and increase user engagement. 


In conclusion, WordPress event calendar plugins are importance tools for effectively managing and displaying events on your website. Each plugin—EventPrime, The Events Calendar, WP Event Manager, Timely All-in-One Events Calendar, and My Calendar—offers unique features for various needs from simple event listings to comprehensive management systems with advanced booking and ticketing capabilities. This article helps you to choose your Event Calendar wisely. 

You can try EventPrime Event Calendar Plugin here.

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