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The habits of successful Joomla users

When you work with a specific platform long enough, chances are that you will start to develop some habits. Just as with our normal life, certain habits are going to be good, while others are likely to be bad. These are some of the more common habits that many of the successful Joomla users share. These help you recover faster in the event of any problems that may arise and will ensure that you keep your Joomla site running at peak performance.

Setting up a reliable backup solution

It does not matter what type of site you have, having proper backup is crucial. Even if you have a hosting plan that provides you with a backup, you want at least one other alternative. There are a number of good, free options available for this very task.

Always upgrade to the latest version

There is a reason that constant upgrades are the norm. Every patch (upgrade) since its release is there to make your Joomla site more secure or more stable. It is always important to upgrade to the latest version of Joomla for these patches that contain security fixes. Always read the change log when you upgrade, this will tell you whether the upgrade will require additional action on your part.

Always upgrade your installed extensions

Just as with the core package of Joomla, you want to make sure your extensions are up-to-date. Oftentimes upgrades have to do with security fixes, but other times they can provide you with bug fixes or are necessary upgrades to maintain Joomla compatibility.

Test your Joomla on a separate site

When you test a template or a new extension on a live site, you are asking for problems. When you have a test site (completely separate), you can run any new solutions or install any new extensions that you would like to try without running into issues. Use your backup program to copy your site, this is not only straightforward but will save you quite the hassle.

Remove unused templates and extensions

It is important that you keep your Joomla site looking great, so proper housekeeping is of vital importance. If you test-load a few extensions, it is rather tempting to simply leave them instead of going through and remove them. However, remember that even if something is unpublished, it is still there on your site. This can be a potential security risk and will take up space too. Go remove those templates and extensions that you do not use.

Consider your extensions before you install them

There are a number of ways you can decide upon an extension before you ever apply it to your Joomla site. You can look at the support pages for the extension, look at the extension forums (if applicable), look at update frequency, or read reviews online. This will improve your decision-making because it gives you a better impression of the extension.

These few habits are going to turn you into a successful Joomla user. When these habits become second nature, you are eliminating a number of prospective issues that may arise otherwise.

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