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Changing the Header and Background in WordPress

In the preceding posts, I have mentioned a lot about what advantages that template customization can have for your website and business.

Much of these specialized add-ons must made by a web developer. But in this article, I will go over what the novice can change to make website look it best.

In the following, I will teach you how to change the Header, Background Color, and use the Custom WordPress Menu.

Customizing the Header Image

Most WordPress themes have a header uploader, which allows you to upload new and unique custom header graphics for your WordPress site.

To use a different header, follow these steps:

1. Go to your Theme options on the left-hand side of the admin interface.

This could be under Appearance or the name of the theme itself. Then search for the options that allows you to Upload a header image.

2. Click the upload button.

If you have the latest version of WordPress, 3.3.1, you will be given the option todrag and dropan image file onto the upload window, or choose a ‘select file’ button. The ‘select files’ button will bring up a file window for you to choose your image of choice from your computer.

At the top of the Upload image window, you will see the option called ‘From URL’. By clicking on this option, you can enter the url of the image if it is located on the internet instead of uploading it from your computer. To find the url of an image, simply right-click it and select ‘copy image location’. This will copy the link to your clipboard, which you can then paste into the url box. Remember to enter a ‘Title’ and ‘Alternate Text’. The ‘Title’ will add a small popup over your image when hovered over it, and the ‘Alternate Text’ will make the text viewable in browsers that have images turned off.

Also in the same window, you are give the option to ‘Link Image To’ another domain or page. Simply add the url that you want the image to lead to when clicked. In your Upload image window, you will see another option called ‘Media Library’. This is useful if you have uploaded an image for the header you want to use to the media folder. By clicking on it, you will see a list of all images that have been uploaded to the media folder. Click ‘show’ next to the image you want, and follow the prompts to add the image as your header.

Customizing the Background Color

Customizing your website’s background color can be a great way to blend colors with your logo, and build your brand. The method to change the background can vary depending on the theme you are using. In general, the following steps should do the trick:

If you have the option, select the name of your theme framework on the left-hand side of your admin interface.  Go to theme options, and find the ‘select background color’ feature. Click the color button next the color textbox and pick a color. Or, enter the hexidecimal value of a color you have already chosen.

Depending on the theme, you may be given the option to change your background color under the ‘Appearance’ tab. Select ‘Background’, and under ‘Display Options’ ⇒ ‘Color’, select your color of choice.

Where to Get Help

These 2 modifications to your WordPress website are fairly straightforward. But a times, you may want to make a change to the code of your theme. For example, the placement of the header image will be the same unless you change it within the CSS. Or, you may not have a header image already made to brand yourself, and no color scheme.

This is where we can help! At CMSHelpLive, we offer graphic design and branding, as well as any CMS customization job. We are experts on our field, and we love to help online business owners make the most of their online presence.

If you would like us to contact you, please submit a support ticket at

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