Custom User Registration Form Builder
WordPress Registration and contact forms made easy
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Unlimited Forms. Easy Registrations

Custom User Registration Form Builder Pro edition lets you build customized registration forms for your site. You can add specific fileds in the form like text, date, drop down, radio box etc. You can also track each submission from dashboard.
Unlimited Forms. Easy Registrations
You can export all the submissions into a nicely formatted excel for analysis and other workflows. All fields of the form will show as seperate columns. Even File attachments are displayed with filename and path for easy download.
Export to Excel
Our nifty addon allows you to a special type of custom field to your forms - File Upload. Comes handy if you are asking users for submissions, resumes, documents and almost anything! You can control the file types the users can upload. What’s more, you can make this field repeatable, to allow multiple document uploads.
File Upload Custom Field
What it does?
Have you ever wanted an easy to use registration form creator, that allows you to build registration forms quickly and easily without confusing you with lot of options, that you would probably never use? Well, the answer is here - we have built Custom User Registration Form Builder from ground up with usability in mind. What's more, there is built in submission manager that allows you to track form submissions right from the dashboard! Now you no longer have to worry if you did not received that email with form submission notification or just want to have a quick look. Create unlimited custom fields, drag and drop to sort fields, track submissions and much more!
Major Features
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Intuitive Dashboard GUI
  • Drag and Drop Sorting
  • Manage Submissions
  • Custome Profile Fields
  • Approve/ Disapprove Registrations
  • Edit/ Delete Forms
  • Toggle Registration/ Contact Forms
  • Multiple Fields Types
  • Submission Tracker
  • Edit/ Delete Fields
  • Custom Field Labels