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Migrated from HTML to WordPress

Migrated from HTML to WordPress

Case Details

Case Study: Migrate HTML Site to WordPress

The site had approximately 30 pages. Since the site design varied with each page, the WordPress template had multiple child themes. The initially the site had PayPal codes for direct buying which was later changed to WooCommerce for easily adding product and managing orders.

Plugins used were:

1. Advanced menu widget
2. Allow php in posts and pages
3. Backwpup
4. Display widgets
5. Facebook like box
6. Formstack for WordPress
7. Multiple sidebars
8. Simple events calendar
9. woocommerce

For migrating the content from HTML to WordPress, proprietary custom scripts were used. All events and communication were handled through our helpdesk. Questions? Need a discussion on this topic? Click Get Started!

WordPress Migration Tips and Tricks

WordPress Conversion is, in general, a tricky subject - conversion to WordPress makes a perfect sense for few sites while it doesn't for others. 1) Don't rush into your 'HTML to WordPress' project without proper evaluation. It is important that your existing assets (such as SEO, Content, Functionality) are transferred effectively. 2) Choose WordPress Conversion Expert wisely - few 'Experts!' out there just copy paste the existing site into WordPress, without centralizing the control to the WordPress dashboard. This beats the whole purpose of your WordPress migration project. 3) Automated software do not cover A-to-Z migration of an existing site to WordPress. Software and scripts are necessary but not sufficient – an experienced WordPress Migration Expert will utilize a perfect mix of both automation and good old hand coding techniques to deliver best results.

Interested in discussing your 'HTML to WordPress Migration' Project? Click 'Get Started' or Submit the form on the top of this page. We will respond within an hour!

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