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Top 10 WordPress Plugins For 2012

Designing a website is hard isn’t it? If not for the sheer complexity of code that must be integrated into most successful websites, but for the amount of time that is needed in order to make it look great.

And let’s face it, even if you have several years of experience with developing websites, there will never be enough time or resources to develop every little bit of code needed for the awesome features you want to implement. Thank goodness for plugins right?

You have come across many of them before, but there may just be that one defining plugin that maximizes your efficiency tenfold. Read on, and see if you can find one that makes you say ‘Wow!’…

CSS3 Pricing Tables

Do you have a service or product you are offering? You have probably seen the immaculately designed pricing tables on other sites, and wished you had the time to make one yourself. If you are a web designer, you probably can, it just takes time. If you are not, there is a solution you may have never heard of. The CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Grids is a platform on which you can design a pricing table without any design experience. It has two table, 20 color, and 60 ribbon styles with CSS3 tooltips. The price is $15 for a regular license, and $75 for an extended license.

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin creates a sitemap of your website which you can include as a page. No need to put it in your navigation. This will help the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find your website and index all of its pages. Google always suggests that website owners submit their sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. This way, they will crawl your website faster, and update your rankings.

5sec Google Maps

Copying and pasting a Google map into your WordPress editor can be a hassle, especially when you toggle back to visual from the html view and you realize that your map has disappeared. With the 5sec Google Maps plugin, you won’t have this problem. It gives the ability to have multiple maps on a single page/post, as well as to enhance the appearance of your maps. You can even customize the description bubble! Pricing is $8 for a regular license, and $40 for an extended license.

Visual Composer

This plugin will allow you to design a page or post without having to spend too much time on the html and css. Let’s face it, even if you know a bit of html, you would rather focus on the overall appearance of the website instead of the nitty gritty details. The Visual Composer will save you time by implementing a drag-and-drop visual editor into your WordPress installation. It will allow you to create complex page layouts with tabs, columns, sliders, galleries, social plugins, call to action boxes, and more—all with a few clicks of the mouse. The pricing is $25.

White Label Branding

If are a web developer and base your clients’ websites on WordPress, this plugin will allow you to customize their admin area to make it look more professional. White Label Branding allows you to insert your client’s logo on the login screen to customize the backend’s color scheme, user roles, and capabilities. Pricing is $25 for a regular license, and $125 for an extended license.


SEOPressor can be a good addition to your online SEO efforts. It does not replace the All in One SEO Pack, however, as it has a very different function. The SEOPressor analyses your content and provides you with a checklist of on-page items to help you rank better in search engine. The plugin analyzes your heading tags (h1, h2, h3), keyword density, placement, images, and links – and provides tips on how to improve your ranking position. Pricing is $47 for a single site license, and $97 for an extended license.

Gravity Forms

With Gravity Form, you can place a form wherever you want on your website. And they will be fully customizable. Gravity Forms organizes form entries into a list, giving administrators the ability to edit and add notes to individual submissions. For paid users, there are a lot of free add-ons available. Pricing is $39 for a single site license and $199 for a developer’s license.

WP Video Gallery

This plugin will take the online video experience to a whole new level. It will expand your site’s video playback capabilities, and render perfectly on a tablet or a smartphone. It’s cross-browser compatibility and custom skins ensures your videos always look and play in amazing quality. Pricing is $15 for a regular license and $75 for an extended license.

A/B Theme Testing Plugin

One way to gauge your website’s success is to calculate its conversions. The number of visitors you get is irrelevant if your website is not properly optimized to selling. Sometimes, it is not the content that’s the problem, it is the look and feel. The A/B Theme Testing Plugin will allow you to do split tests between two or more themes. You can combine this with Google Analytics and maximize your marketing campaigns. Pricing is $9.95, plus $3 per month for support and upgrades.

Nivo Slider

The Nivo Slider is world renowned as the most beautiful and easy to use slider on the market. Completely free and totally open source, there literally is no better way to make your website look totally stunning.

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