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Top 5 Reasons To Use A Contact Form With Autoresponder

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of having a contact form with an autoresponder with might be? Perhaps you are thinking of joining the bandwagon but do not have the technical know how to add one to your website. We can help!

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder will, as the name suggests, respond to a submitted form request by emailing the inquirer automatically. The email can contain a message created by you to send to all users. When a visitor submits a contact request, they will enter their email into a textbox, which will then used along with their message to send their request to your inbox while sending them a reply.

Top Reasons to Use a Contact Form with an Autoresponder

So is it worth the investment? Well, to be honest, this is a very simple setup at a low cost, whereas the benefits are great. Here is a list of the top reasons to use an autoresponder.

1. Website Feedback, Service Requests, and Questions

It goes without saying that having a way for visitors to reach you will likely boost repeat traffic and increase sales. For one thing, it shows that you are customer oriented. Using a contact form, you can ask for website feedback. This can be a way to assess what visitors are looking for when they visit your website. Or, if your website offers a service, they must be able to contact you with their request. Perhaps they need technical support, or have questions about your product. The point is that if you have a website that generates an income, chances are that customer service should be a priority.

2. Less Spam

If you have your email displayed on your website, you have probably realized by now that a lot of spammers will take advantage of it. Websites are a goldmine for emails and spammers build their email lists by scouring the internet for emails. In fact, I can remember having received 100’s of spam emails relating to things that are completely outside of the scope of my websites.

To keep your email address hidden, use a contact form to receive requests. Spammers can still possibly get through your spam filter, but you will get less spam nonetheless. By using captcha, you can virtually eliminate it.

3. People Can Remember Your Website

Let’s face it, we browse so many websites throughout the day sometimes that we don’t always remember where we have made requests for services or sent for information. But by using an autoresponder, your visitors will get a reminder that they sent for information. They can always refer back to their inbox in order to visit your website again.

4. Branding Yourself

Most autoresponders have a feature where you can submit an HTML message instead of just using text for your automatic response. This way, you can add images to your message, even your logo, so that people can remember you. You will want to use the same colors and images as your website, so that it is easily recognizable.

5. Control Over Info Provided

When you create a contact form using textboxes, dropdown menus and checkboxes, you are actually choosing what information the visitor will provide, and what information will be sent to your inbox. If you are offering a service, can can give the option to choose which type of service the user is looking for. Imagine trying to get this information without a form. It makes it easier for visitors to decide what information they must send. Your emails will look streamlined, and you will be able to sort through them a lot faster.


It is easy to see how using an autoresponder and contact form can benefit your website. Users will be better able to trust you, and by contacting you, you have created a line of communication that is crucial for customer service.

If you would like to add a contact form with autoresponder to your website, but don’t know where to start, submit a support ticket with us and we will get back to you within an hour. We can answer any questions Live, regarding the feasibility and cost of installation

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