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Ultimate Profile Builder
WordPress user registrations and profiles made easy
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Unlimited Profiles. Easy Registrations

Ultimate Profile Builder by CMSHelpLive makes creating profiles on your WordPress site super easy. Each profile can have special user fields, assigned groups and specific registration form.

Unlimited Profiles. Easy Registrations

Differentiate users on your WordPress site with groups. Each group can have totally different set of user fields allowing you to indentify users into clubs, departments, teams, heirarchy or anything else that suits you. What’s more, eachuser group can have specific permissions.

Unlimited Groups.

Custom Fields for Every Group

You have the option to create and manage custom fields for every group. You can set default values, rules, labels and other parameters of every field. Available fields include - text, checkbox, radio button, text area, dropdown, date, T&C, paragraph and heading..

Custom Fields for Every Group
What it does?
Ultimate Profile Builder by CMSHelpLive lets you create and manage profiles on your WordPress site! You can define custom user roles like Authors, Actors, Tennis Players or anything you want. It will also allow visitors to register on the site, fill out custom fields specific to user roles and upload profile images. Their profiles can be edited by the users anytime by logging into the profile area of the site. You can display member profiles as list or box view. The profile view will show image thumbnail, profile snippets and user posts contribution. All user activity takes place on the front end, and logging in and editing does not require users to go into the dashboard area. This is especially important if you want your users to have a consistent experience across the website.
Major Features
  • Custom Profile Fields
  • Show/ Hide Fields
  • Custom Avatars
  • Profile Search System
  • Custom User Roles
  • Custom Field Attributes
  • Members View
  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Registration Forms
  • User Role Access
  • Gird/ List View
  • Facebook Login New

Free vs Pro

Custom Registration Forms
11 types of Custom Fields
Show/ hide any default field
Change attributes of custom fields
Define default value in certain fields
Custom User Roles
Set permission levels based on existing roles
Different registration forms for different user Roler(s)
Show/ hide role-wise visibility of administrator bar
Assign custom field to specific user role or multiple roles
Password automatic or user defined
Password strength meter
Show captcha during registration
Users can edit their profile anytime
Users can upload custom profile image/ avatar
Display user list as grid or list
Create Role based user lists
Define number of rows and columns in grid view
Define max. number of profiles on a single page
Search System
Site visitor can change profile list view
Profile list uses AJAX pagination
Made in HTML5 and CSS3
Preinstalled 18 themes
Set a custom field as required field
Show/ hide specific custom fields in registration form
Privacy Settings: Public, Registered and Private
Shows Profile Completeness Bar on profile page
Additional art filters for profile images
Customize Welcome Email
Customize subject of email on registration
Supports bbPress
Supports WP eCommerce
Supports WooCommerce
Supports Business Directory plugin
Priority Helpdesk Support for 1 year
Free updates for 1 year