Creating a New Ticket

You can create a new support ticket using one of 3 simple methods.

Note: In all the methods below, a new account will be created on our Helpdesk with your email ID (assuming you currently do not have an account with us) after submission

By Filling a Form

This method is as simple as it sounds. All you have to do is, fill up the form on our homepage and it will automatically create a new support ticket on our system. We have tried out best to make sure you do not miss the form! But still, if you do, here's a screen capture:

By Sending an Email

This is even simpler! All you have to do is, write your problem to us and send it to our default support ID - support (at) cmshelplive (dot) com . Try to send us as much detail as possible.

By Creating a Ticket Manually

This is by far the most detailed method of creating a new ticket and involve more than one steps. You start by clicking "Submit a Ticket" icon on Helpdesk Homepage. It looks something like this:

 Just follow the instructions in next 2 steps. For any questions feel free to add comment below or write to us.


Updating Profile with Credentials

There are times when our support staff will need access to your site's admin area, files or database to help you resolve the problem. While many of our customers prefer to update their tickets using emails, sending login can be tricky. As our Helpdesk provides an intuitive method for communicating through emails, it is easy to forget that it's even there! 

If you have not checked it out already, here's the link - and if you are receiving our emails with a ticket ID in the subject line, you already have a Helpdesk account. You just have to login and you'll have access to every single message that you have either sent us or received from us in the past. Only you and our staff has access to your tickets. 

Apart from messages, it provides a neat little place to store your passwords without having to go through emails. Here's how to update your profile with passwords.

First, log into your account.

Once you are logged in, right where you say the login box, a new menu will appear. Look out for the item "My Profile" and click it. 

On the next page scroll down to section "Account Details"

Here you'll find fields for all types of login. (If you are not sure where to find those logins, get in touch with our staff) And don't forget to hit the "Update" button down at the bottom!


Viewing Tickets

Using our support service is very easy. All support is handled by our ticketing system. For every new support request, you create a new support ticket and we assign it to one of our support staff. All new tickets are responded within first few minutes of creation.

We're showing below, the simple process of viewing your tickets on our system. Let's start from our Homepage


 Hover the cursor on "My Account" menu item on top right. This will display a drop down menu. Click on "My Tickets". You will be taken to a new page.


Note: If you are not already registered with us, you can create a new account by simply clicking "Register" icon in top image, OR filling out the form on homepage OR by sending an email to support (at) cmshelplive (dot) com

Once you are logged in, you can view your tickets in a list-view.

Clicking on the ticket subject will open that ticket.Inside, you will find a record of all messages and files exchanged between you and our support staff.  Newest message is on top and marked with label "new", just like the image below:

That's all! If you find any trouble in navigating or managing your tickets, give us a shout below.


As a recap, here are some important Helpdesk links:

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