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Ways to supercharge your Joomla business

Even if you have more inbound marketing traffic than you know how to handle, chances are that you always want to do better. Many people focus on the development and web design of their Joomla site but forget about their marketing strategy. We will look at how you can build your Joomla business by giving you some key inbound marketing tips.

Tip one – Have a powerful call to action
Having a call to action (CTA) means that you have a text or graphic that encourages the user to move onto the next step of the buying process. This has to appeal to the user, it has to let them know how your product or service can resolve a problem that they have. Make the text powerful and actionable because this draws in more clicks. The best way to narrow down the best CTA for your site is by going through A/B testing on them. This will allow you to compare click-through-rate and adjust your CTA accordingly based on performance.

Tip two – Provide users with educational content
One of the best ways to draw people towards your site is by giving them something interesting. Your educational content may draw the reader in, and you can try to convert them to buyers once they have visited your site. A good suggestion is to keep the sales talk to a minimum at first and worry about providing them with quality content.

Tip three –Social network is used to promote content, not sales
You will see that countless people expect you to use social networks to market your business. However, what you should be promoting first is your content. Let people know what they can expect on your site. Why should they want to visit your site in the first place? Your Twitter feed or Facebook wall should not be one giant sales pitch. You have a great chance to build a relationship with your client base online. An opportunity to let your brand personality shine through. You can do so by using personalized posts that speak to them instead of constantly reminding them of what you are trying to sell.

Tip four – Test, measure, and improve
You cannot allow yourself to become complacent even if you have a wonderful website. You have to constantly test and measure everything that you do in order to make sure that it is working efficiently. This can lead to you making adjustments and adaptations where necessary to improve your marketing efforts – leading to better results in due time. Many marketing managers and business owners will skip this step, assuming that what worked last time will work again. You have to be willing to make small adjustments in order to make your site better at all times.

When trying to market your Joomla site effectively, remember that a successful marketing plan does not spring up overnight. You must be willing to adapt and remain dynamic in order to guarantee the best possible results.

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