Website Problems? Don't wait. Here is how to fix them in 3 simple steps!

1 Send us your problem.

We tried to make it simple for you. Just open the sign up page, fill in the fields, and hit the Submit button. This will instantly send your issue to one of our CMS Experts. Want to do it now? Go ahead and click the button below.


2 Hear back from an expert.

As soon as we receive your problem, an expert will start analysing it. Usually within 30 minutes, you will receive a message from the expert on initial assessment of the problem and how we can help you. It will also be accompanied by next steps for resolving the issue.

3 Resolve your problem.

Once you are ready to go ahead, we will need you to sign up for the appropriate support plan, and instantly our team will start resolving the problem. You will have full access to our support help desk to check your tickets, notifications on progress and create new tickets. The information is only visible to you and the support team.


What are our modes of Communication?

We use our SMART ticketing platform as a preferred mode of communication. The platform is fast, secure and efficient, and is the primary source of CMSHelpLive's competitive advantage. All communications with each customer is securely logged in our ticketing platform. Simply login at to start using our ticketing platform. All ticket updates are sent as notification to your email. As a secondary mode of communication (alternative, but not preferred), we can be contacted via email on [email protected].

Phone Support Discontinued: CMSHelpLive discontinued the phone support, effective September 01, 2011. Apart from reason of competitive advantage and secure communication logging as described above, phone support did not aligned well with the CMSHelpLive's business model – managing large number of small jobs. Further, phone support was not productive and led to the dilution of our value proposition of 'Fastest Turnaround Time'.

We understand that phone support is preferred method of communication for some users, but we do assure you that we try to respond to your emails quickly and comprehensively. Also, since all your requirements are logged in your ticket, it makes the job all the more easier for a team to kick start work on your ticket without any delay. Bottom line is – we are here for you round the clock – to answer your email and to fix your problems! Based on the feedback by opinion poll from our existing clients in August 2011, CMSHelpLive discontinued the phone support so that efforts can be focused on delivering services with fastest turnaround time.

We are always exploring alternative methods to communicate with our customers, and look forward to adding more modes of communication in future.

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